About Us

Sunshine Therapy Centre

Sunshine Therapy Centre offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment programmes designed to help a child to achieve their full potential.
Acknowledging that each child is unique and requires individualised therapies, we customise treatment plans from a range of well-respected neuro-developmental and sensory-integrative techniques as well as the latest auditory programmes and clinical interventions including sensory attachment interventions for children and young people who have experienced loss, trauma, attachment issues and separation.

Sunshine Therapy Centre offers skilled and experienced practitioners in a range of therapy approaches for children and early adolescents.
Sunshine Therapy Centre is dedicated to helping children improve self-awareness, self-confidence and self-esteem through the medium of play that involves a rich and purposefully directed range of experiences.

Our strategy at Sunshine Therapy Centre is to combine individualised treatment sessions, ‘home programming', school-based interventions and therapeutic groups to build children's skills and help them better adapt to life's day-to-day challenges.
We provide a safe and friendly environment for learning and practicing new skills. And we stay on top of treatment trends, incorporating the latest successful therapies into our practice. Sunshine Therapy Centre is a team approach to support an individual child, setting up and maintaining support in every arena.

This approach includes not only the therapy-related activities themselves, but also integration of new and improved skills into everyday activities.

We teach parents and caregivers how to support their child and provide them with a clear understanding of the benefits of this, as well as how it fits into the total picture of the child's therapy.

Sunshine Therapy Centre recognises just how important it is for a child to experience success and for the wellbeing of the family and support system to be able to see measurable changes in every area of the child's life.

We have found this comprehensive approach leads to lasting results, not only in a therapeutic setting but also in the child's school, home and community.

Sunshine Therapy Centre has been founded by Raj Kumar Thapa, a highly qualified Occupational Therapist/Sensory Integration Therapist who has been practicing since last 13 years with special need children .Who has very good knowledge in Sensory Integration Therapy, Feeding Therapy, Functional Therapy and Also Certified in Therapeutic Listening, Integrated Listening System, Astronaut Training and Handwriting Without Tears from USA. Who worked with International experts {Sensory Integration Therapist USA and CANADA, Feeding Therapist USA, Hippo-therapist USA and NDT instructor GERMANY etc}. Now Sunshine Therapy Centre is professionally supported by Professor and Sensory Integration Therapy expert from USA.

Sunshine Therapy Centre for Special Needs Children